About us

Abou us

It all started in 1994 in Trnava in the former “House of Czechoslovak – Soviet Friendship“ as the building was called at that time. Jakub Nvota and Kamil Žiška introduced The Show in Dresscoat no. 4. The Student Theatre was born.

The couple started to write plays and perform regularly. There was less time now for school and more for the theatre. More people joined in. The Theatre went on tour to Hlohovec and took part in festival in Topoľčany. The compulsory school leaving exam  for both.

In one year time the first legendary ensemble of Trnavské túlavé divadlo has been formed: Kamil Žiška, Tomáš Maštalír, Pavol Buocik, Katarína Žitniaková, Monika Vyšňanová and Jakub Nvota.

The Poetics of Túlavé divadlo

Túlavé divadlo was born originally from the Student theatre created by Jakub Nvota and Kamil Žiška in Trnava. The two students inspired by „small form“ theaters such as Semafor, L+S and Radošinské naivné divadlo have decided to write their own original drama texts. They started to perform cabarets with original dialogues and songs. At the beginning there were only two actors playing-themselves. Later other actors joined the new theatre. Jakub Nvota and Kamil Žiška started to write plays that were specific in the dramatic form and also in the philosophical concept. The idea was to grope and persist with humour life situations that are seemingly hopeless. This grotesque vision of the world brings eruptive and releasing laughter to the spectator. Because it is not the the spectator who has the problem. This aestetic is the origin and the base of Túlavé divadlo.

Túlavé divadlo was born in 2001 after Jakub Nvota has graduated at The Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava. He and Kamil Žiška who also graduated at this Academy were joined by their colleagues from the studies.From cabarets Túlavé divadlo moved on to the street theatre. The basic repertoire were Shakespear´s tragedies. By using the dramatic principle of „the theatre in the theatre“ and playing actually on the street, the tragedies were transformed into comedies. The intention was not to seek just the amusement but to bring deep and existencial view on Shakespeare on the street and with only the minimum means. Túlavé divadlo has found  its home in The Theatre below the Deck /Divadlo v podpalubí/ in Bratislava for eleven joyful seasons. The poetics of Túlavé divadlo is kind and warm-hearted because it brings hope but it is also cruel sometimes as it is often targeted on itself. The author and the actors know well that to make fun of oneself means to get rid of fear. What more can we do for our lives?

The Archive of plays

2020  J. Nvota: Plagues and Disgusts
2019   J. Nvota – K. Žiška: The Fourth Third
2019   J. Nvota – K. Žiška: Don Quijote
2019   J. Nvota: One More Miracle
2017   J. Nvota: The Midsummer´s Night Nonsense
2017   J. Nvota – K. Žiška: Cabaret after Delay
2014   J. Nvota: The Exam from the Compulsory Literature
2014   J. Nvota – Doleželová – Vencl: One for All
2014   J. Nvota: The Fool´s Cap
2013   F. M. Dostojevskij: Cafe Dostoyevski
2012   J. Nvota – K. Žiška: In vino… (new version)

2011    J. Nvota: Cyrano or the Farce about Nose
2010   J. Nvota: Cabaret of the Unwakened
2006   J. Nvota: Jožko Púčik and…
2005   J.Nvota – Žiška:Piano revue (remake 2010)
2004   P. Kohout: The Journey around the World in 80 Days
2003   Suchovo – Kobylin: The Death of Tarelkin
2003   L. Andrejev: Savva
2002   W. Allen: The God
2002   J. Nvota: Macbeth or Too Much Blood for Nothnig
2001   J. Nvota: Hamlet or The Recognition of a Skull