Midsummer Night´s Nonsense

You know , Jožko, about love…all these emotions, rhymes, short messages..everyone of us has a big love in his heart, bigger than all the other loves…

PREMIERE: 26th of  February 2017, The Theatre below the Deck

AUTHOR: Jakub Nvota


MUSIC: selection

Túlavé divadlo is well known for its street versions of Shakespeare´s tragedies turned into comedies. This time the theatre offers a genuine comedy dedicated especially to the young audience.

A group of comedians named „The Trap Door“ led by Andon is in crisis. The higher theatrical spheres must interfere and send a story that will bring together the leading actress Lora and the principal as they are apart because of adultery. During the Midsummer night they start to believe in love again. Comical situations,swapping of lovers and Puck´s escapades are followed by the hillarious scenes of the craftsmen in the athenian wood.

During the Midsummer night charms and spells are possible,people get foolish,they can even wear a donkey head but at the same time magic brings them to senses and the passion of Shakespeare itself.