Century of Humour

O humore, malej krajine, pozvaní na kar za mŕtvu srandu…

AUTOR: Jakub Nvota a Kamil Žiška

HUDBA: Kamil Žiška

TEXTY PIESNÍ: Jakub Nvota a Kamil Žiška

Predstavenie je  možné tiež uviesť so sprievodnou kapelou (kontrabas, bicie, klavír)

For the two equlibrists with words Jakub Nvota and Kamil Žiška this is a comeback to the mutual artistic cooperation. In dialogues and songs they will show you the picture of our little country and its people. They will try to answer the question if we care about humour if we protect it so that it would not die out.

They will invite you to Čičmany and ask the question what has been first-laughter or tears? The two actors offer you dialogues, songs, conversation . Most of the time they just stand on the stage. The real motion is in the up to the point reflections. Century of Humour had a premiere in 2008 but as time goes by it is being continually updated and observing everything what´s going on around us.