Romeo, Juliet and the Virus

A play about love and hate in the city of Verona but in our present times.

PREMIERE: 27th of February 2009, The Theatre below the Deck

AUTHOR: Jakub Nvota


The most famous lovers in history of drama are going to fall in love again. But this time in a charming comedy. A desperate actress is getting old and she wants to grab the last chance to play Juliet.

But there is no Romeo.The only actor in the troup can only play,let´s say, the Nurse. The rest has found a better job.The only chance is to pick someone from the audience. But somebody must also play the balcony and the ivy.But don´t worry, Shakespeare will get a chance.And also you willl get a good advice from the most peculiar Nurse in the history of slovak theatre.

This play is infectious without any risks…humour and love are safe and soothing.