Štefan Martinovič

He has been in Túlavé divadlo since 2010. Due to his professional effort and his passion for theatre and acting at the present time he is one of the most popular actors in the independent theatres. He plays in Gunagu,La Komika,Ludus, he does stand-up comedy and at the moment he is preparing his own evening programme. His original thinking, his feeling for detail and for creating the dramatic characters makes him one of the most impressive actors of Túlavé divadlo. During the years of acting he has posessed the skilll of improvization with a sensitive feeling for the proportion. You can see him in: Hamlet or the Recognition of a Skull, Romeo, Juliet and the Virus, Cyrano or the Farce about the Nose, Midsummer´s Night Nonsense, The Exam from the Compulsory Literature, One More Miracle, Plagues and Disgusts.