Lucia _Hurajová

Lucia Hurajová

She has worked with Jakub Nvota even before the start of Túlavé divadlo. That was in 1993 in the play A House for Demolition where she has played the leading role and has participated on Nvota´s first stage direction. Since 2001 she has been the outstanding and for a long time the only full time actress of Túlavé divadlo. Because of her talent for the stage directing and her way of thinking she is predestinated for authorical theatre.She is an universal actress.She is an comedian but she also has the feeling for the very gentle and poetic tones that are so characteristic of Túlavé divadlo. Apart from acting she is the mother of three beautiful children. In 2016 she has produced one the most successfull plays of the year – The Name. In Túlavé divadlo you can see her in: Hamlet or the Recogniton of a Skull, Romeo, Juliet and the Virus, Cyrano or the Farce about Nose, One More Miracle, Plagues and Disgusts, Midsummer´s Night Nonsense.