The Exam from the Compulsory Literature

An adrenaline comedy in which the group of actors will propose to you the whole summary of the compulsory literature in just eighty minutes.

PREMIERE: 4th of March 2014, ODA Trenčín


MUSIC: selection

In front of your eyes the three actors try to do impossible. In just one hour and twenty minutes they come through the complete school compulsory literature. It is clear that they cannot do it in a standard way so they must think of something else.

They act, sing, rap, recite poetry, cook, play ice-hockey, chat but above all they bring sparkling humour and unexpected moments. They do all this to offer you the best from slovak classic literature.

Two men and one woman start the crazy roundabout of thoughts,hints and images of the big names in our literature.Don´t go to the library,come to the theatre.